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New Enhancements!

There are some new, beautiful, color enhanced images on our website. Here's a taste...

Microscopic Stock Images

Ever wonder what Happy Hour would look like under a Scanning Electron Microscope? BE6778 SEM of cork from a bottle of red wine. Magnification: 3846x.
Credit: Scimat / Photo Researchers, Inc.Who knows how to have fun with stock photos of SEMs? Science Source, of course.

Science Photos

Do you know what these two images have in common?
(Answer here:

Molecule Image Credit: Dr. Mark J. Winter / Photo Researchers, Inc.
Girl Image Credit: Will & Deni McIntyre / Photo Researchers, Inc.

SEM Photos

This is a very pretty picture of something, alright. But what do you think it's a picture of? Any guesses?
(Click here for the answer: It's one of our many SEM photos...)

Technology Stock Photos

On this day in 1970, U.S. Patent No. 3541541 was issued to inventor Doug Engelbart for his "X-Y Position Indicator for a Display System," which he and his colleagues called a "mouse," after its tail-like cable.
Credit: Stephen Gerard / Photo Researchers, Inc.
Check out a few more images of mice (the computer kind) on our website.

X-Ray Images

On November 8, 1895, physicist Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen (1845–1923) discovered x-rays, beginning a new era in physics and medicine. Although x-rays had been observed previously, it was Röentgen, a professor at the University of Wurzburg (Germany), who successfully repeated x-ray experimentation and who is credited with the discovery.

Ever wondered what it would be like to have x-ray vision? Take a look at an assortment of our X-ray Images and find out!

Credit: Gustoimages / Photo Researchers, Inc.

SEM Images

Can you guess what this is a picture of??

Credit: Dee Breger / Photo Researchers, Inc.

Hint: Think about SEM Images.

Diabetes Images

November is

Check out a general sample of Diabetes Related Images available on our website.

Type 2 Diabetes, Illustration
Credit: Jim Dowdalls / Photo Researchers, Inc.

isa condition where the body does not produce or properly use insulin.
Insulin Images There are two main types of diabetes: Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes, usually diagnosed in children and young adults
(Type 1) Juvenile Diabetes Images
Type 2, the most common form, most often diagnosed in adults.
Type 2 Diabetes Images

Risk Factorsfor Type 2 diabetes include, but are not limited to: - Obesity - High blood pressure - High triglycerides- Low hDLThe transport of cholesterol via high density lipoproteins (HDL) in the blood.
Credit: MedicalRF / Photo Researchers, Inc.
Complications from Diabetesinclude, but are not limited to: - Kidney disease - Amputations - BlindnessDiabetic RetinopathyCredit: Science Source
Find out what you can do to help Stop Diabetes!

Historic Medical Images

Credit: New York Public Library / Photo Researchers, Inc. It's Jonas Salk's birthday today! In 1952, Salk invented a vaccine for the Polio Virus, saving thousands of lives and preventing many tens of thousands of cases of the crippling illness.

Jonas Salk and Polio Victims: Historic images
SEMs: Polio Virus Images

Botany Images

As trees change color for fall, leaf peepers rush to the countryside to enjoy the bright foliage. Little do they realize they're missing an even better show inside the leaves! Check out the world of botany from a whole new angle. Peep here at the hidden foliage, not to mention the botanists who explain it all!

Credit: Biophoto Associates / Photo Researchers, Inc.

SEM Image

Any idea what these are?
Powdered doughnuts or perhaps a candy-maker's new confection?

Hungry for a hint?

You'd better not put off getting your Flu vaccine!!
Credit: NIBSC/Photo Researchers, Inc. is a division of Photo Researchers, Inc.

Science Images

Benoit Mandelbrot, the IBM pioneer of fractals, died on Thursday, October 14, 2010.

Check out science stock photosof Mandelbrot Fractals.

SEM Image

Can you guess what this is? Is it a glacier in Antarctica? The surface of a nearby planet?

Here's a hint:
It's an SEM image.

Credit: Eye of Science / Photo Researchers, Inc.

Stock Photography Trade Show

Yesterday was the 2010 Visual Connections Image Expo! We had a great time catching up with
old and new friends in the stock photo industry.

Account Reps., Bill Zontini (r) and Peter Pagan (l) were excited to talk to customers in person about our science photos that include medical stock photos, medical stock illustrations, sem images and much, much more.

Anita Duncan saw old friends from Scholastic, Veronica and Debbie.

Bob, Jacki and Anita answered questions about the world of science stock photography.

Jeepers Creepers, Where'd You Get Those Eyes?!

SEEING is Believing! Science Source takes a closer LOOK at the beauty, function, and intricacies of our own EYES. These delicate built-in camera lenses are able to adjust their focus and aperture thousands of times a day without our even being aware of it. Everyday we expose them to allergens, dust, pollen, drying winds, and bacteria yet sometimes all it takes is a split second self-cleaning blink and then we're off LOOKING for our next adventure. Medical science continues to make amazing strides where it is now possible to restore a person's EYESIGHT through the use of telescopic eye implants, which were recently approved by the FDA. In the not too distant future we will see retinal implants help restore partial VISION to folks who fall victim to degenerativediseases like retinitis pigmentosa or macular degeneration. Want to SEE more? Let's LOOK deeply into those amazing eyes.
** is a division of Photo Researchers, Inc.

You Are A Modern Art Masterpiece!

It probably doesn't occur to you as you look at yourself in the mirror each morning but you are a Modern Art Masterpiece. It is truly amazing how strikingly beautiful various facets of the human anatomy can be when viewed close-up. As medical scanning technology grows in leaps and bounds there are no areas of your body that can escape the eyes of your doctors. Gone are the days of monotone grey and white chest x-rays viewed on a lightbox. Now through the use of modern CT scan, PET scan, MRI, X-ray, and SEM equipment, technicians and doctors can examine close-up, full color, 3-dimensional diagnostic images that can be turned and manipulated on a computer screen. They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but have you ever beheld the magnificent beauty of the iris or the retina of your own eye? Take a stroll through the Art Gallery of the Human Body! We are by Photo Researchers. Each month we post tons of new medical stock photos and medical illustra…

Oil Spills, Their Impact, and the Clean-up

By the time the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is contained and the leaking sunken oil platform capped the damage to the U.S. shoreline may dwarf the Exxon Valdex spill of 1989. The potential contamination of the nearby wildlife and shoreline is dependent upon many factors such as the location of the spill, the type of oil, and the weather. Since oil tends to float on the water's surface it usually has a devastating effect on marine mammals and sea birds who, according to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority, will not necessarily avoid an oil spill. "Marine mammals, such as seals and dolphins, have been seen swimming and feeding in or near an oil spill." "Some fish are attracted to oil because it looks like floating food." "This endangers sea birds, which are attracted to schools of fish and may dive through oil slicks to get to them." It's important to remember that an oil spill can also affect the health of the human population, especially…

Heart Health and the Female Patient

According to a recent French study, women are nearly twice as likely to die within a month of their heart attacks than men are. The study seems to show that once in the hospital women tend to receive fewer procedures like angiograms, which would help pinpoint the location of the blockage, and angioplasty, which would help open the blockage. So why aren't female cardiac patients being treated like their male counterparts? One reason may be that in many past heart studies the majority of patients have been men, meaning that women's cardiac issues were being slightly overlooked. This recent medical study, sponsored by Sanofi Aventis, Glaxo Smith Kline, and Novartis, analyzed data from nearly 3,500 heart attack patients who were treated between January 2006 and December 2007. A third of those patients were women.
Science Source has a huge collection of rights managed and royalty free Medical stock photos, scans, and illustrations. View our images of Heart Health for Women.
* …

Men's Health Issues

Why Don't Men Take Better Care of Themselves? According to a 2001 CDC report, women are 33% more likely than men to visit a doctor. This gap narrows as men get older but in general most put off seeing their physician until they are very sick. There seems to be a disconnect in their minds between doctor visits and preventative health-care maintenance. Many of the top causes of death among adult males (heart disease, stroke, depression, prostate cancer, and lung cancer) can be averted but only if they are found and treated early. Dr. Jean Bonhomme, a board member of the MHN places part of the blame on society in general, which expects boys to be tough and ignore pain. "As people get older, however, the rules change. A little pain can get worse, or signal something more serious going on in the body."

Science Source has a vast library of royalty free and rights managed stock images, medical scans and stock medical illustrations. View our images of Men's Health i…