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Metabolizism: Brain Food

In the news:
 "Stronger Brains, Weaker Bodies" 
by Carl Zimmer
The New York Times  
May 27, 2014

Event Horizon

In the news: "The mysterious boundary" by Andrew Grant Science News May 16, 2014

Meet the Pollen Counters

In the news: "Meet the Pollen Counters" by Sumathi Reddy
The Wall Street Journal May 5, 2014 Bottom-row images from left to right: Ash tree pollen grains - stock image SA7992
©Andrew Syred/Science Source
European white birch pollen - stock image 3A0440
©Eye of Science/Science Source
Pollen of willow tree - Stock Image SN7094
Photo Insolite Realite/Science Source

Of Mice and Men

In the news: "Sex, writhes and videotape" The Economist Magazine May 3, 2014

Climate Change is HERE

In the news: "Climate Change Study Finds U.S. Is Already Widely Affected" by Justin Gillis  The New York Times May 6, 2014

Broken Heart? Build A New One!

In the news: "Building Flesh and Blood"
by Jalees Rehman The Scientist MagazineMay 1, 2014