Alternative Medicine, Quakery or Cure?

The Tesla Coil device was touted to restore hair, increase intelligence and cure gout.

Quakery or Cure?

Ancient remedies, herbal concoctions, and new age cures reign supreme in the world of alternative medicine.

Although there is no accepted definition, alternative medicine usually refers to remedies and techniques on the fringe of established medical practice. Some include Reiki, ozone therapy, homeopathy, acupuncture and more. 

Alternative medicine came to prominence in the west during the 1960’s and 70’s, as people began challenging traditional norms and embracing divergent opinions. Since then, a new marketplace of remedies and treatments have sprung forth, offering everything from stone massages to color therapy. Cures range from the strange to the revitalizing to the downright unscientific. (Edzard Ernst Ph.D. claims that only 7.4% of alternative medicine is grounded in empirical evidence.)

Just quackery or the true cure? Whatever the case may be, alternative medicine is here to stay. See more below.

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