Retro Summer Fun

Many things have changed over the past decades, but we still look forward to the joys of summer and long, warm days of fun and relaxation.

By the seaside, we still swim, build sandcastles, collect seashells, run in the sand, and sunbathe. In the woods, we enjoy a relaxing canoe paddle, a family picnic, watching butterflies, or a hike while soaking in the beauty of nature. Closer to home we do backyard cookouts, golf, ride a bike, swing on a swing, eat watermelon, play baseball or just fly a kite.

Retro Stock Images of People Enjoying Summer

With longer days and warm sunshine, we don't even mind outdoor chores such as mowing the lawn.

Being outdoors longer has added health benefits. More and more studies show that spending time outside gives us an emotional boost. Summer improves our capacity for happiness and well-being.


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