Science in Motion – The History of Discovery in Video Montage

Have you ever wanted to step into an old etching and explore the laboratories of your favorite scientists and inventors? Short of magic, video montages provide the next best thing!
Peer into Herschel’s telescope as he gazes at the cosmos from his observatory or follow a beam of light as it refracts into a rainbow in Newton’s laboratory.
Beyond the fun, video montages have an educational value. By linking images together, montages provide historic continuity, allowing people to see the connections between scientific discoveries. An etching from Isaac Newton’s life may tell you something about his findings in optics, but a group of images reveals how they led to further insights into physics.

 Astronomy mugs, t-shirts and more!

Astronomy mugs, t-shirts and more!
Montages also bring clarity to scientific discoveries. By zeroing in on a lab experiment, montages highlight key components involved in the scientific process. Panning and scrolling help viewers understand the causes and effects involved in experiments, giving them a better understanding of how science works.
As classic images enter the digital sphere, video montages are providing a unique and fun visual aid for designers and educators alike. Take a closer look below!


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