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Bringing to Light, Creatures of Darkness

Danté Fenolio, Ph.D., has devoted his life to bringing rarely seen creatures to light through his beautiful and eerie photography. Danté Fenolio Caving in China He's brought us images from habitats without light: caves, the bottom of the ocean, and the canopies of the rainforest. Not interested in the typical, but seeking out underappreciated and rarely seen creatures to highlight the need for conservation of the world's biodiversity. Danté Fenolio’s Photo Gallery Science Source Images is proud to represent several exclusive photographs from his collection. Discover a Fangtooth from the Gulf of Mexico, a colony of Siphonophore, orange and red-colored Jellies, transparent Batfish, blind albino Salamanders. Creatures so unusual, they may not seem real, but they are part of the wonder of our planet. Fenolio is not only a successful author, adventure photographer, but runs the Conservation and Research Department at the San Antonio Zoo. His many projects to save animals …

Coronavirus, the Flu and Pandemics

The world waits to see if the new Coronavirus will become a terrifying deadly pandemic, killing millions as the Black Death did in the middle Ages, or will eventually be contained as other recent threats have, such as SARS in 2003. Royalty Free and Rights Managed Images of the Coronavirus It’s rare for a coronavirus to jump from the animals that commonly carry it, such as camels and bats, to humans. But in December 2019, a strain of coronavirus known as “2019-nCoV” did just that in Wuhan, China. It’s spreading at an ever-accelerating rate. The Chinese Government has shut down all travel in infected cities. Stock Medical Photos of Patients, Surgical Masks, the Flu and Coronavirus People entering the United States from China are currently being screened at airports. Only a handful of cases have been found in America. Those patients are in quarantine. Air travel allows infected people to spread the virus worldwide, causing many to fear a pandemic. Well-known pandemics in history include t…