The First College Graduate

The first person who graduated from a college in America was Benjamin Woodbridge of Newbury, at Harvard University in 1652. He was born in England but came to America in 1634 with his brother. He began his schooling at Oxford in England but chose to complete his education in New England. Mr. Woodbridge went on to become a preacher and a poet.

Now 366 years later, one wonders if it's any easier now than back then, to find a unique and fitting graduation gift?

These days there are so many fascinating fields one can go into and degrees one can earn. A short list might include surgeons, doctors, engineers, physicists, astronomers, dentists, chiropractors and so many more.

The more unusual degrees offered these days include bagpiping, bakery science, auctioneering, nautical archeology, chemical hygiene, puppetry, surfing, farrier science, the art of horseshoeing, and fermentation science for those interested in a career in wine or beer.

Whether your loved one chose a typical or atypical career path, they deserve a special gift to commemorate the hard work and commitment to their chosen path in life.


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