A Wizard of Oz Moment for Black and White Images

 In a Wizard of Oz moment, artists are bringing full color to black and white images, while chronicling the past in a never before seen way. 
Beyond their aesthetic appeal, colorized images play an important role in education.  The famous image of Pavlov with his dogs is recognizable to many but not everyone notices all the tools involved in his findings. Digital coloring highlights these areas, helping students understand how Pavlov made his important discoveries in psychology.
In scientific images, digital color can locate everything from stars to microbes in the grayscale of SEMs and old photos, making them perfect for textbooks and other publications.

Stock Gallery of Colorized Images

Colorized images also have a historic significance. Black and white photographs may depict an event in the past but fail to capture the full appearance of an era. Historians have recently discovered that many sculptures from ancient Greece were painted. Now artists can reintroduce this color, revealing the past in a more authentic way.

Colorized Mugs, Phone Cases and T-shirts

As we move forward with technology and our understanding of science and history, colorized images are playing an important role in enhancing the accuracy and beauty of stock images. Explore more in the links above.


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